Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Benjamin and Nikki

Nikki did the mac and cheese, Benjamin did the kielbasa.
Alexander and his string beans

Yestersday I took Benjamin, Alexander, and their friend Nikki to the paint store (more about that later) and the Museum of Arts and Sciences. On the way home, this was the conversation:

B: You're going to stay for dinner, right Nikki???

Me: Excuse me??

B: Nikki can stay for dinner, right?

Me: What are you cooking??

B: Okay, we'll cook. We'll make macaroni and cheese.

Me: And what meat?

A: Kielbasa!!!

Me: And what vegetable?

B: Oh. What do we have?

Me: String beans and brussels sprouts.

B: String beans.

So we stopped at Publix on the way home to pick up the kielbasa, and the three of them made dinner. Not quite what I had planned, but hey, I didn't have to make it!

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