Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What to do on a rainy day?

Although the boys were excited to have two days off from school, I was a bit apprehensive. What do three boys do, stuck in the house all day? The answer usually is to make a huge mess, be loud, and occasionally fight with each other. This time, however, they exceeded our expectations.

After lunch, we went to their friend Nikki's house so they could help splash water out of her pool. After about an hour or so, they were getting cold (it is rather windy, after all), so I brought all of them back to our house to play. I think it's always better to have extra kids around - they seem to play better. I warned them about being quiet in the house, so they came up with their own solution - play outside. We let them, since we have been getting rain and wind but no lightning. The four of them spent the next two hours playing "olympics outside. Above, they are doing relay races. Below, Alexander is doing "javelin."

After each event, they gave out gold, silver, and bronze medals (from the school's Reading Counts program) and stood on a "podium." I am constantly impressed with how creative they are in their playing. They went through the garage and found all sorts of equipment to use for each event. Even more amazing, they didn't break anything or get hurt!! Today we're out of school again and they are already asking to call Nikki. We just may let them do that.

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