Saturday, August 16, 2008

Legoland pictures

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. We were at Legoland for just a day and a half, but it was very memorable. We had to take an intercity train to a local train to a bus to foot to get there. When we walked up, this is what we saw - a hotel under construction. I asked them if they gave a discount. Instead of money, we got a bottle of wine and a pack of gummy bears.

After eating dinner, we walked over to Legoland. You can get in free from 6 -8 PM! Jonathan had the time of his life. He kept walking from place to place, saying "this is so adorable!" The next pictures are things made totally out of legos.

Later in our trip, we would see this exact street in Copenhagen.

The next day, we rode all the rides. The boys met Nash, an American who currently lives in Finland. He went on all the water rides with them.
Jonathan enjoyed the kiddie rides. This one is empty because we were the first people in the park. He rode all the kiddie rides within about an hour.
The safari was his favorite.
This one was fun!!!

Boy, were we glad Nash would to on the rides with them. They are soaked!

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