Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, I finished my week of "preplanning." My classroom is ready, as our all of my plans. On Monday morning I will welcome my SEVEN students. Yes, seven. I am so excited to begin teaching, and it's not simply because of the class size. It's a wonderful work environment. There are 11 people on staff. We went out for dinner and drinks after open house, and they are a fun group. Plus, I don't have to deal with all of the crap that is going on in the public schools at the moment. Thanks to No Child Left Behind and a bunch of regulations from the state, my children with have NO RECESS this year. That's right, NO RECESS. It takes away from instructional time. They, of course, were devastated. I told them the bright side - since they now have to go to the afterschool program, they are the only children who will get to use the playground equipment this year. I asked the principal to whom I should complain, and he said "the state." Ugh. They all have good teachers, so hopefully everything will go well this year. I'm hoping to take some pics of my classroom to post...stay tuned!

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