Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're home!!

We are finally back in Florida. We drove on Friday from Richmond. Pretty uneventful drive, except for 3 thunderstorms. It took us about 11 1/2 hours, and we made it home in time for the Olymics. Yea! Unfortunately, when we turned on the computer, we couldn't get internet. The modem is broken and needs to be replaced, which will hopefully be completed tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday we all went to my school and rearranged the furniture, cleaned, and then hauled in a bunch of boxes. We brought 5 boxes of school stuff back from Allentown, plus I have a ton at home. Today Chris' mom and I returned to do some further work, but were thwarted a little by the lack of airconditioning. It went out this morning during early church and still isn't working. After 2 1/2 hours, we were done, and returned back here to swim and cool off.

We have accomplished a lot - the whole room has been cleaned, I have gone through all of my teachers' manuals, the closets are organized, and I have started to put everything back. I start tomorrow with an all day meeting, and then "meet the teacher" is on Thursday. Everything should be ready by then!

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dancer said...

Boy you have had one hectic summer! Did you get a teaching job? I don't think I heard that....saw the kids the other day, and after a bit of prodding, they filled me in some on their trip:)