Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spelling Bee

Today I had the pleasure of watching the school's spelling bee. Each fourth and fifth grade class had a preliminary spelling bee in their class, and then sent the top two spellers to the school level. Benjamin and his friend Alannah represented their class.
I was very proud of Benjamin. He lasted through the 6th round (necessary is the word that tripped him up) and finished in fifth place! The winner (another Ben) placed second in the region last year and is an awesome speller! The principal told me that Benjamin was the first to congratulate Ben at the end. That comment was more important than winning the spelling bee itself. Way to go, Benjamin!

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Craig Weinrich said...

Congratulations, Benjamin!!

I agree with Karen that your sportsmanship is vastly more important than what place you finished in. Aunt Liz and I are very proud of you!

(Just don't beat me again in fantasy football, OK?)