Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I read once that the chances of meeting someone with your same birthday are very good. Today I celebrated my birthday by tutoring Liam, who turned 7 today. I made chocolate-chocolate chip cookies for the two of us (no resolutions today). This evening I have a meeting at church with Jennifer, who also has a birthday today. I made a chocolate cake with ganache sauce to celebrate. Notice how I find ways to have chocolate WITHOUT Chris.

The boys were cute this morning as I opened presents. Alexander grew a flower for me at school and brought it home. He watered it in secret for the past two days. They gave me a new set of drinking glasses, which were sorely needed. Jonathan, however, sees my birthday as just one stepping stone to get to his (April 28th). He came running out this morning, yelling "Happy Birthday!" Then he said, "Next is Benjamin's birthday!" I'm sure he was thinking that it's one more out of the way until his birthday, which is, according to him, coming up SOON. Little does he realize how long he has to wait.

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