Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!!

Today is Benjamin's birthday! He's hit double digits! It's also been a decade since I've worked full-time! Wow does time fly.

We celebrated this weekend with our first big sleepover. Benjamin invited his two best friends, Christian and Allanah. It just so happens that they have brothers in Alexander's class, so we invited them, too, for a total of 6 kids (Jonathan slept over with one of his friends.) We are so lucky that our boys have found such nice friends. They are all well-behaved, and boy, are they funny! We played games that night and I had a blast. Then they watched Treasure Planet, an animated movie that none of them had seen before! To top it off, they were all asleep by 10:30. Pretty amazing.
Today Benjamin's Social Studies project was due. He finished it up last night. It's a relief map of the Spanish Armada. He did an excellent job on it and most importantly, it was his work. Some of the projects I have seen in the past were obviously done by the parents. He even learned not to procrastinate - he's been working on this since Christmas vacation. I'm glad he had a good experience. Next year he has to do a science project!

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Anonymous said...

The map looks great!