Thursday, August 23, 2007

The MAeX Team (dictated by Benjamin)

This year I am in the MAeX team. It is a class of 53 students, divided up betwen two teachers. There are two classrooms connected by a very small hallway. The teachers are Ms. Cady and Mr. Miller. My homeroom is with Ms. Cady in room 101, although I am taught by Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller teaches science and math, and Ms. Cady teaches the rest (reading, language arts, english, etc.) Each day I go over to Mr. Miller's class in room 103. There, he does a lesson. Then, I go back to my homeroom. Then room 103 comes to room 101 (my room) and Ms. Cady does a lesson.
We're the last ones to go to lunch at 12:25. We don't get done until 1:00. After that, we go to the classroom, get the recess supplies, and go out for 15 minutes of recess. There, my favorite activity is to play wallball with the other students. When we go back inside, it's time for cranius maximus, which is basically where you use your full brainpower to finish up your work or read if you've finished your work. Your cranius is your skull. So, cranius maximus is using what is inside your skull with the maximum power. We start packing up at 1:50. Packing up is getting your homework folder and science folder and supplies and adgenda into your backpack and then putting your D.I.R.T. book into your cubby. DIRT stands for daily independent reading time. I get home from school on the bus. I usually arrive home at 2:25.
My friends from school are Christian, who has been my best friend ever since first grade, Allanah, and Drew. Drew I met last year, and Allanah I have known since first grade also. I've also made a few friends this year, basically everyone at my table, which is Brandon, Alex (a girl) and Rina. Brandon I met on the bus in first grade, but then never saw him again.
I think I will like school this year.

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