Friday, August 17, 2007

Florida parents rejoice!!!

Three days and counting..... Yesterday we went to "meet the teacher" day at our elementary school. We paid for lunches, got our bus schedule, and meet the boys' teachers. Alexander is in second grade this year and knows most of the kids in his class. I know his teacher fairly well, and she's great. She is very structured and won't let them get away with anything. Perfect. There are only 17 kids in his class as of now, which is ideal.

Benjamin is going to be on the "MAX Team," which stands for Multi-age experience. There are two teachers for 53 fourth and fifth graders, and they mix the children for all subjects. Having taught a multi age class before, I'm excited for him. I loved teaching K-1-2, and his teachers seem equally excited. He'll be an official fourth grader, but they don't separate the kids by grade at all. It should be a great year.

I called Jonathan's preschool and had him changed to part-time until I find a job. As I understand it, many jobs will be open as of the 9th day of school, when they take an official count all over the whole county and then reallocated units where they have too many children (Benjamin's MAX team may be receiving another teacher). Once I am employed, I can upgrade him to full time. To my pleasant surprise, part-time is free due to a constitutional amendment (that I voted against) allowing for free preschool for all four year olds in the state of Florida. Full time will cost $75 a week. He begins school on the 27th.

So, don't be surprised when you hear lots of yelling and cheering on Monday morning at about 8AM. It is just the parents of Florida's children, excited that they have finally started school. It can't come soon enough for me.

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