Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Job Update

Well, I've finally had an interview. Yesterday I went over to one of the elementary schools to personally deliver my resume, since obviously phone and email don't work. I asked to speak to the principal. He wasn't there, so instead of just leaving my resume with the secretary, I asked to speak to the vice principal. To my surprise, he came out and gave me an interview! It went very well, but he cannot hire while the principal is out of town (wondering why the state of Florida scheduled a principal's meeting the week before school starts!!!!) I'm hoping to hear from him tomorrow to schedule a second interview. If not, I'll have to march myself over there and try it in person.

I've also found two other jobs that are open (the hiring freeze doesn't apply when a teacher leaves at the last minute) and am hoping to talk to those principals (who were at the meeting, too) tomorrow. One of them is part time (teaching ESOL students), which I would LOVE, but I'm not exactly certified in that area. But I'm willing to take any classes, so maybe they'll take a chance on me. Here's hoping.....

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