Sunday, August 5, 2007

Job Frustrations

This has been a frustrating week. Teaching jobs on the hotline have been few and far between. There are over 100 applicants for every elementary job. When I do apply for one, I can't even seem to get an interview. I've been informed that I'm on the "preferred candidate list," but that's not enough to get me in the door, I guess. Today I spoke to my friend at church, who explained why I'm having such a hard time. It seems that while we were away, the Florida Legislature cut taxes. This, although I don't agree, I expected. But now, the lawmakers are all shocked to find out there is a deficit. Hmmmm. Wonder how that happened. They then told our school district that they have to cut 10 million dollars by September. So now there is a hiring freeze. Ah, the wisdom of our lawmakers. Let's cut taxes without examining the consequences. All of this results in very grim job prospects for me. I'm going to hand deliver some more resumes tomorrow, but my hopes are not high. I have to wonder if maybe I'm meant to stay home with Jonathan one more year until he begins kindergarten. That sounds fine to me, until I examine our checkbook. Ugh.

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