Thursday, August 23, 2007

The first day (dictated by Jonathan)

Today is the first day of school for me. Then I maked the gun a long time ago and I use it every morning. So when I use it, I shoot. It's very powerful. When you

press lots of buttons, it will make a shield around it. We can change it or borrow it, but we can't really borrow it. Give me a chance, but you can't really borrow it. The first day I'm going to be wild. There's a Cars lunchbox that I really like and I like it and I'm going to put stuff in my lunchbox. And when I go to school, I'm going to eat lunch, and then I'll come home. When I get to school, I will just think and think when my mom comes, and she will pick me up when she comes. The first grade is really fun, but there's this new school called Montessori school, and I'm going to this school today and it starts tomorrow and I like my Montessori school. (Typist's note: Jonathan begged to do his own blog. This is typed word for word. He was holding a tinkertoy "gun" he made while he was dictating, hence the references to a gun. He is, truly, going to Montessori school, but it doesn't start until Monday. He's enrolled part-time, but then will be bumped up to full time once I am gainfully employed.)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, fun blog! Thanks for checking out our site, too! Yeah, it is always tough to keep up our blog for the parents... it usually turns into a tool we use mostly in school... a great way to get the kids into sharing and discussing about the lessons... shhhh.... just ya'll wait 'til tiy see the postings/pictures of these youngins trek off studying the Oregon Trail after Labor Day!

Looks like your family had a fun-filled summer! Ben is right in there in the thick of things in class- attentive, smiling, and soaking it all in. Yes, he has a great table of peers to work with in the start.

We will see you at Open House next month!