Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!

Yesterday I somehow forgot to post about Chris' birthday. He turned 39!!! He's decided it's a fun birthday to have because whenever someone asks how old you are and you say "39," they don't believe you!

After opening presents at home, Chris arrived at school to a decorated classroom. It seems he let his birthday slip last semester to some of his students, who, despite not having his class right now, remembered and decided to celebrate. They brought balloons (they sang happy birthday on helium), cake, and a present (two Onion books.) Quite a surprise, and, I must say, a little more exciting than my present of two sweaters.
After school, we went to dinner at our friend Jonathan's restaurant, then went out for ice cream afterwards. All in all, a pretty nice birthday. Now I can tease him because he's once again older than I am! And that's the best part.

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