Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Working from home

I'm into my second week of working from home. I think the biggest challenge is ignoring everything that needs to be done around the house. I've gotten laundry down to a routine. Each morning the boys sort the laundry and I run one load. They also empty the dishwasher so I can load the dirty breakfast dishes. I take Jonathan to school at 8ish, and then get to work. So far I've completed two units and worked about 20 hours! I'm continuing to learn so much about African-American history. Harriet Tubman was the topic of my second unit, and now I'm working on a fifth grade unit on slavery. My biggest complaint: my butt aches after hours of sitting at the computer. Sometimes I'll break it up with a run in the middle of the day, and I also have the trampoline to use. Tomorrow is going to be a bit different. I plan to spend the day researching, so I have a huge pile of books to skim, and 4 or 5 videos to watch. Then I'll get busy writing again on Friday. Although I haven't seen the money yet, it's nice to finally contribute substantially to our family budget.

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