Thursday, February 14, 2008

An afternoon on my street

I went out for a run this afternoon before the boys got home from school. As I was finishing up, coming down Harms Way (yes, that's really a street in my subdivision!!!) and noticed a whole bunch of trucks at the end of my street. As I rounded the corner, I realized it was four animal control trucks, two police cars, and a TV van. What could be happening? Here's a summary from a "Citizen Alert" email I received a few hours later.


The Port Orange Police Department received an anonymous call concerning conditions of a home on Wild Holly Drive off Clyde Morris Blvd. The caller advised the conditions of the home were deplorable due to an excessive amount of cats living in the residence. Contact was made with the resident who gave consent for the Animal Control and officers to enter the residence. The interior of the residence was extremely filthy and covered with cat feces, cat hair, and pet food. Animal Control located 70 cats inside the residence with several cats with matted hair, soiled and obviously had ear infections which would require medical care. These cats were seized from the residence and transported to Halifax Humane Society. Misdemeanor charges for animal neglect were filed against the resident. Additionally, the resident was issued a citation for the City Ordinance Violation regarding the excessive amount of domestic animals in the residence. Port Orange Code Enforcement was contacted due to the unsanitary conditions of the interior of the home and also the health department has been notified.

I've never talked to the woman who lives there, but I've seen her out in her yard a few times. When Chris ran by there on Sunday, he noticed a strange smell. No, he was not the anonymous tipster, but I wonder who was.

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