Thursday, February 28, 2008


Alexander feels slighted, having notice I haven't posted about him in awhile. So here goes.

Alexander loves to bake. The other night I was trying out a recipe from my new cookbook The Sneaky Chef. It's a great cookbook - you learn how to hide all sorts of good-for-you foods inside regular kids' foods. My kids will eat just about anything, so instead of hiding it, I tell them what's inside. This night I was making pigs in a blanket, hot dogs inside homemade bread with yams and carrots added. I had some extra dough, so I gave it to Alexander and he created this yummy starfish.
While we were eating dinner, I looked over at our picture wall and noticed something slightly awry. The boys do chores each night, and the night before it was Alexander's turn to dust. Obviously, he dusted each and every picture. Now we just have to teach him how to put them back correctly when he is done.
Alexander stayed home from school yesterday with the stomach virus. He can't wait to be 100% better so he can finish up my sneaky brownies - brownies with spinach and blackberries snuck inside.

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