Saturday, February 23, 2008

A good running day!

This morning Alexander and I both raced. He ran a 5K in his personal best time of 34:40, an improvement of about 2 minutes from the last race. I ran a 10K, and my goal was to run in under 1 hour. I finished at 59:19, and I was elated! I had 5 minutes to get over to the start line for the 5K, which I ran with my friend Carrie. Her daughter Lynnlee was running with Alexander. It was Carrie's first 5K, so I helped pace her. She wanted to run in about 35 minutes, and we finished at 33:21! It was an all around great race.

Oh, did I mention the rain? As the 10K started, it was drizzling a bit, which felt great. By the middle of the 5K, though, it was pouring! It's the first time I've really run in rain. Usually I wimp out and go to the YMCA when it is raining. But this time I had no choice. I had a great time, although my shoes will probably remain wet for days!

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dancer said...

Congratulations on the good race times! Congratulations to Alexander as well...that's great! Kim