Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Job Woes

For those of you who were wondering, I am still unemployed. I've been waiting for the schools to do their "11 day count," where they count the students in each classroom and see if more/fewer teachers are needed. Yesterday was that 11th day. This afternoon I called the district's recruitment office to see when the hiring freeze will be lifted. She told me no jobs will be posted until the 18th of September. Until then, they are going to reshuffle teachers from schools that are overstaffed to schools that are understaffed. She suggested I spend the next few weeks subbing to get to know the schools and principals. I am scheduled to do testing the whole week of the 17th at our newest elementary school. Their classes have high enrollment, so they could possibly be hiring come the 18th. I'll have to be sure to meet the principal on the 17th. Until then, it's just more of the waiting game!

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