Thursday, September 6, 2007

Alexander finally lost his tooth!!!!!

On Saturday (Sept. 1), I lost my tooth, and I was sleeping over at Ryan's house. That night I lost my tooth, the one next to the one that was sticking out. I put it in a bottle, which was already emptied of water. The tooth fairy didn't come. So the next day when I reached under my pillow, I knew that the tooth fairy didn't come. And so, the next day, I lost the one next to it. It was so long that the tooth fairy didn't come. So I put it under my pillow and the next day when I woke up there was $1 for BOTH of the teeth! I would have gotten .50 for one, but instead I got a whole dollar. It didn't look like I really lost it, because a new tooth was already behind it. There was a hole that looked like someone had put their finger there and put it into my gum.

(As dictated on September 6). Do notice Alexander's cool haircut! He very much enjoys spiking his hair in the morning. We (Karen and I) should also explain that the tooth fairy was very confused by the bottle in which the first tooth was placed. Luckily, it worked out well that the tooth fairy could do a 2-for-1 visit the next night. Alexander is not letting his hole-y mouth limit the amount of food he eats, though! Just added: close up of his teeth!

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