Saturday, September 15, 2007


We went to Disney today, our 12th visit of the year. We'll be nowhere near last year's total, when we went 35 times throughout the year. We went to Magic Kingdom because they reopened the Haunted Mansion. We have heard from workers that they totally gutted the ride and redid it, but that was not the case. Many of the rooms were similar, but updated. There was definitely surround sound in the stretching room, and they added touches throughout the ride. Our favorite was the hallway that looked like an MC Esher picture, along with moving footprints going up/down the stairs. Not surprisingly, Jonathan didn't like it. We won't make him ride next time.

Each time we go to Disney, we like to try to do one new thing. Believe it or not, after hundreds of visits, we usually find something new. This time there were three things: the lovely fall decorations pictured above, the haunted mansion, and "Stich's Great Escape," a ride we have never tried. Alexander was the brave one - he went on with Chris first, and then after they both gave their thumbs up, the whole family went on it together. I don't know what we've done while raising our kids, but none of them ever want to try new things.

Now we're back home. All the males played soccer this evening and Mom Schaeffer just arrived. She'll be staying here for 2 weeks (?) to help watch Jonathan while I work next week. I've been hired at the new elementary school to administer the Dibels test all week. I'm glad to have the chance to meet the faculty and especially the principal. They may not be hiring now, but at some point they will. I want him to know me so I can at least get an interview when that happens.

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