Thursday, September 27, 2007

Computer problems

Monday night, Chris and I were sitting at the computer, working on his resume, when all of a sudden it shut down. Just quit like that. No power, nothing. Ugh. So the next day I called Dell and talked to some guy in India who talked me though all sorts of attempts to remedy the problem, to no avail. It turns out we have a bad motherboard. Whatever the hell that is. So now our computer is in Texas being repaired by Dell technicians. It will be back in 8-10 days, which is not quite soon enough for the meeting I have to run on Saturday. I'm at Elke's house right now, using her computer so I can at least check my email. Our posting will probably be spotty for the next week or so, which is a bummer since I have some pictures to post from our painting party this weekend here at Elke's. In the meantime, I'm trying to squeeze in as much subbing and tutoring as possible while mom is still here to babysit. It's been extremely helpful to have a live-in babysitter, and I even got my first ($160) paycheck today! Looks like the kids will be able to eat, at least for this month.

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