Sunday, September 23, 2007

A busy weekend

What a weekend! Friday night saw Benjamin and Alexander sleeping over at Lynlee and Tanner's, while Lily slept over here with Jonathan. (Yes, they are still young enough for co-ed sleepovers.) The next morning, after all children were returned to their respective houses, we went to Elke's and began to paint her family room and kitchen. This is a huge undertaking, because she has 15 foot high ceilings. Chris and I had helped her pick out the four colors (Safari, Ivory, Blue, and Green) and plan which walls were what color. Chris really enjoyed writing on all her walls. It's a good thing he did, too, because we never would have remembered which was which.

We (Elke, Chris, Mom, and I) began painting around 10AM and finished up at about 6PM. In between, Chris' parents stopped by and brought us a delicious lunch and then graciously took the boys swimming for a few hours. We're just about done: tomorrow mom and I are going to go over and put the final blue on the lower walls. I MUST remember my camera this time.

Painting is so much fun. Elke was on cloud nine as the colors started appearing on her walls. When she put the furniture back, she even rearranged the furniture. It feels like a different house, which was exactly the point. I like painting because there is a real, visible accomplishment when you are finished. Now we just have to tackle her dining room and living room. But that's another weekend.

Today after church we drove to Orlando, dropping off Mom, Jonathan, and Alexander at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center to see the touring Annie. They absolutely loved it. Jonathan delighted us with stories all evening about "Miss Annigan" and how mean she was. Alexander loves broadway shows and was delighted to go along. Are you wondering why the three of them went? A fellow teacher at Seabreeze had three extra tickets and offered them to us. Very generous.

While they were at the show, Chris, Benjamin, and I went to the Orlando Science Center. We were planning on seeing the "Bodies" display which has real human bodies cut to show the various organs, etc., but when we arrived, we saw the price. $25 for adults and $20 for kids. That added up to $70 total, which was way more than we were prepared to spend. We're still recovering from a long summer with no paycheck. So instead we used our Daytona Museum pass to enter the rest of the Science Center for free.

Our favorite exhibit was "Science on a sphere", which was a huge sphere hanging from the ceiling on which was projected images of the planets. The presenter described all of the planets, showing the rotation of each. It was incredible. What a nice afternoon.

This evening the kids spent bickering, and we were counting the minutes until bedtime. I hate rainy afternoons when they are stuck inside! Now they are all asleep and we're ready to go to bed, too.

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