Monday, February 1, 2010


Mom's big project during her visit was to build us bookshelves like the ones in her basement. We waited until after New Year's. I came home from school the next Monday to find her on the front porch, sawing all of the wood. The next day we stained it.
There were SO MANY shelves to stain!

The finished product completes our loft. Here is our new Speed Racer picture.

An assortment of sports pictures...

And the bookshelves. I'm happy to say there are quite a few empty shelves - plenty of room to grow! Our games fit quite nicely, along with our collection of books and CD's. It looks great!


GJ said...

I see where the pink mints and M&M's go!!!!

Karen and Chris said...

Mom brought me some of those mints for Christmas!!! I think it's an acquired taste - the boys weren't crazy about them.