Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daytona 5K

Yesterday morning, we arrived at Daytona International Speedway to run their annual 5K. It's held the morning of the 24 hour race. We parked in the lot, and took this tram to get to the infield.

Here's our family, wearing our "Weinrichs run this town" shirts from Dave and Jodie.

Mom and Dad Weinrich did the 2 mile walk, which started 5 minutes after the 5K.
Putting on our chips for timing.

There were about 2000 people involved, a large field for a local race.

We began on pit row, with a view of the grandstands.
Jonathan we so excited when we saw grandma and grandpa!
He and his friend Christian ran with Karen. They just had to run to the top of the track...

...but it's much harder coming down. They needed some help from mom.

Alexander finished in 26:30; Benjamin finished in 30:11, and Jonathan finished in 44:30! Great times for all of them. Grandma and Grandpa made it just a few seconds before an hour. After they walked through, the staff dismantled the finish line!

We all had a good time, especially the boys, who went crazy when they saw the Crispie Cream donuts at the end. I told Benjamin he could only have 2, but I was a few seconds too late. "Ooops," he said. Looking forward to next year's race.


Anonymous said...

Geeeez! My hair is really long!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Weinrich via Ottersberg said...

Sorry that was me Ben I didnt mean to be anonymous