Thursday, February 25, 2010

Field Museum of Natural History

On Saturday, we once again boarded the train and headed toward downtown Chicago. Our destination this time: The Field Museum, filled with dinosaur bones and animals. Katy and Jonathan fit inside a dinosaur footprint. The kids in front of "Sue," the famous T-Rex.

Looking out the window, we got this beautiful view of the Chicago skyline.

All six kids were posing, until Joey ran off...can you tell where he was sitting?
Lunchtime in the museum. Don't ask how much we had to pay for lunch. At least the food was good.
Benjamin imitating the bird

It was absolutely frigid outside. Here we are, waiting at a bus stop, freezing.

Jonathan especially enjoyed all of the animals.

The boys took a nice picture of the adults, didn't they?

The last exhibit we visited was the Egypt exhibit.

This curator was amazing and talked to the kids for a long time.

An Egyptian bed

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