Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Misforutune at Sweetwater's Graveyard

Here is the first chapter of Benjamin's story. This is the one he submitted to the Young Author's contest at school. I'm publishing it as a "serial" novel because of its length. Enjoy.


It was a very stormy night in the graveyard. Lightning flashed across the cloudy sky, revealing a small white church. On top of a tall steeple there stood a wooden cross. Suddenly, the moon shone, beaming from behind a cloud. On the ground there was a tall brown gravestone. On it were the words “If thou put a pumpkin at my feet, a painful death is what thou shall meet…”

Chapter 1
Meet Your Doom

10:10 AM
It was a crisp autumn morning. Kellie and Ben walked down Spring St. in good spirits. They had succeeded in growing the biggest pumpkin in Sweetwater. They were chatting animatedly until they passed the graveyard. Ben shuddered. Kellie giggled. “I wonder how many mummies are in there.” she muttered. “Shut up!” Ben told her. “There‘s something creepy about that place.” “Let’s go in” Kellie said. “My aunt is buried there.” The pair stepped cautiously through the gate.

The graveyard was right next to a small white church. There were only about 5 graves. Kellie stepped lightly up to her aunt’s gravestone. It had a large cross on it. When Kellie got up, Ben looked enthralled by one of the graves. Kellie walked up beside him. She moved to put the prize pumpkin on the ground near the grave. “Wait.” Ben warned. But with a thud the big pumpkin hit the dirt. “What?” asked Kellie? Ben just pointed to the words in the gravestone which read, "If thou place a pumpkin at my feet a painful death is what thou shall meet.” “Oh no.” Kellie stuttered, looking down at the pumpkin. Just then the words glowed bright red. The pumpkin started vibrating. As the two friends watched in horror, the pumpkin exploded into red, white and green dust.

The two friends stared at the spot where the pumpkin had disappeared. Finally Ben broke the silence. “That was weird” he stated. “No” said Kellie, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Then Kellie heard soft thuds behind her. She swiveled around to see Ben running down the street. “I guess I’ll follow him” Kellie thought. And she too sprinted down the street.

Copyright 2008 by Benjamin Weinrich

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