Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Easter celebration continues!

In the church season, Easter continues for the next 6 Sundays. What better way to celebrate than with another peeps creation?

Jeff Wedge gave Alexander and I this great Peeps cookbook/craftbook. Since Chris is gone for the evening (and doesn't care for chocolate), I decided to make molten chocolate peeps cake.

It didn't turn out quite like the picture - Benjamin thought it looked like an egg yolk - but it was delicious. That's because it uses bittersweet chocolate, my favorite. Benjamin, wet uncombed hair and all, enjoyed it so much that he finished the rest of Alexander's. Alexander claimed it was too dark. Sorry, but in my opinion, chocolate can never be too dark.

We still have two boxes of Peeps left, so maybe next weekend we'll try another creation. And maybe I'll visit Target to see if they have any at 75% off!!!!!

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