Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daytona Lagoon

Yesterday we used our Christmas presents from Gram and Pop-Pop for the first time - we went to Daytona Lagoon! It opened on Friday, but unfortunately the temperature stayed in the low 60's all day. Poor Alexander was tearful when he got off the bus and I told him we were not going.
Saturday, however, began with blue skies and sun. The temperature was forecast to get in the mid-80's, so we drove over at 11AM when it opened. We turned in our vouchers, got our passes, and hit the park! These pictures were taken when we got there. You can see that it's almost deserted. People began to trickle in around noon, but it never really got crowded.
Daytona Lagoon is a nice little water park. There's a wave pool, which Jonathan loved. He stood inside an innertube and let himself be pushed around by the waves for almost an hour. Chris stayed with him, since the water was freezing. Those with no body fat can't take 70 degree water at this time of year.
I, however, with just a bit of extra body fat, went on all the rides with Benjamin and Alexander. I got water up my nose on the slides - what fun - and got bumped around on the tube ride. Our favorite is the big blue one. Up to 4 people sit in an inflatable boat and go down it in the dark. They told us to lean back to make it go faster - it works! I floated in the lazy river for awhile. Luckily, the park is small enough and the boys are old enough that we can let them go out on their own for awhile.
We left by 2:00, exhausted. We thought about going today, but it was only 78 and windy enough that we would freeze. Spring break is coming up, so we'll be there most days that week. We're really going to get good use out of the passes. I may have to buy stock in sunscreen - we'll be using it like crazy this spring!


Anonymous said...

Total Insanity. Here in Utah it snowed this past weekend. And right now I am really cold for some reason. My feet feel frozen. Reading your post makes me feel like I am reading fantasy.

Karen and Chris said...

It is crazy, isn't it? But weather like this is why we stay here. I think it is much easier to raise the boys here, where we can send them outside all fall/winter/spring. And then we always leave when it gets unbearable in the summer. We get the best of both worlds. But if it makes you feel better, Benjamin has been begging for us to go north so he can play in the snow. Maybe next winter you'll get some visitors!