Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter morning.

Here we are on Easter Morning 2008. The boys (even Jonathan, who didn't want his picture taken) are wearing matching outfits courtesy of Grandma. I'm wearing a new dress she helped me pick out on our Friday shopping spree. (We found incredible deals at Sears, Penneys, and Macy's.) Chris is still sporting his goatee.

This morning the boys slept in until 6:15, not bad for Easter morning. We tried something new this year. Each of the boys hunted for eggs. Inside the eggs were clues for their presents, which then then had to find. Jonathan got a two wheeled scooter to replace his "baby" three wheeled scooter. Alexander got a new remote control car to replace the one he received at Christmas time which now doesn't work. Both were thrilled with their gifts.

All Benjamin wanted was a flash drive for school. They are making powerpoint presentations, and he needs a way to transport it back and forth, so we got him one. Hopefully he will be responsible enough not to lose it. He helped Chris pick it out, so he knows it's value!

Chris and I had a few goodies in our baskets, too. I got the new Duran Duran CD. He bought two CD's of bands I don't know, and we (surprise, surprise) got a new board game. We haven't opened it yet, but spring break is just around the corner and I'm sure we'll find some time to learn it.

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