Saturday, October 13, 2007

It keeps on going and going....

Well, yesterday we got our laptop back. I didn't set it up because I was waiting for Chris' thumb drive so I could put all my files on it as quickly as possible. So, this morning, Chris set up the computer with high hopes. As soon as it booted up to the desktop, it )(#*$#&^@&!*@()# went to a black screen. I'm still incredulous. Luckily for us, the screen periodically gets power and we can see what we are typing. We had enough time to download my files, and now it's been lit for an hour. But it's still broken.

After another hour and a half with Dell, they finally agreed to replace our computer. In TWO WEEKS, we're going to receive a "new refurbished" computer. In the meantime, whenever we have LCD power, we have to transfer all of our files onto disk so they can be put on our "new" computer. What a pain in my ass. I hate wasting time in front of the compter. Tomorrow I'm hoping it acts nicely so I can get most of my work done and files transferred. Needless to say, we won't be buying a Dell the next time!!!

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Anonymous said...

That too bad you had a bad time with Dell. I've never had problems. But my Dad had problems once with a brand new computer that had a bad motherboard. Actually, I have a dell at work that used to not boot until you unplug the power and then it would work. Then they replaced the mother board at it's worked fine since.

Wait a minute, maybe Dell isn't so great. But we've had two laptops from Dell that were awesome, and the first one was great until Owen spit-up on the keyboard. It was never the same. I think Dell laptops are great. But maybe the computers aren't so great.