Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our computer was here....and now is gone!!!

This is incredible. We received our computer on Monday afternoon. I was so excited, because it only took 5 days altogether to fix it. I spent a little while on the computer Monday night, trying to catch up with my email. The next evening, after having charged both of our ipods (what a relief!), we were typing emails when the LCD screen just went blank. I could barely see the print on the screen. It was as if a black veil was put over the screen. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. So last night I dutifully called Dell to complain. To my surprise, I was speaking to someone from the United States (Oklahoma City, to be exact.) He was helpful and did some trouble shooting with me for and hour and 45 minutes, to no avail. He thinks something "jiggled" on its trip to our house and simply needs to be reconnected. He turned me over to out of warranty repair, which was closed. So this morning I called them again and, after another 45 minutes, succeeded in convincing them to repair our computer free of cost. This afternoon DHL stopped by to pick up our computer. We're hoping to have it back again by the beginning of next week. What a pain. I'm using some else's computer right now, so our internet access will be spotty again for the next few days. Let's just hope that when we get it back it really works this time.

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