Friday, October 26, 2007

Our new computer is here!!

Today is a "teacher duty day," when the kids stay home and the teachers complete their grades. Which explains while I still haven't showered or dressed, despite it being 12:15 in the afternoon. Anyway, about an hour ago, the doorbell rang, and there on my front porch was a fed ex man with our new computer!!! I eagerly signed the form and brought the computer inside. I've spent the last hour setting it up and trying to figure out what preloaded programs I want to delete. This computer is a step up for's the next version of the Inspiron series The front is all silver andtthe screen is a bit bigger so it can show wide screen movies! Yea! My next task is to transfer all of the files from our thumb drive on to the hard drive. It will take awhile because I plan to go through all the files and only transfer the important ones. Looks like Chris and I will stay busy this weekend.

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