Thursday, May 17, 2007

We found a preschool!

Jonathan had a great year at Wee Hawks! I'm hoping to get back to teaching this coming school year, and Wee Hawks' hours won't work when both of us are employed full time. So yesterday Mom Weinrich and I went preschool/daycare hunting. Our first two stops weren't promising. Jonathan clung to me, even crawling under my skirt. At one school, the director told us some personal things about the children. Not good. We weren't even allowed in the next school. So we went to our last stop, the Montessori School of Port Orange. I could tell almost immediately that it was different from the others. The director was professional, the facility was spotless, and Jonathan left me to try out some of the toys! Inside they have the equivalent of a McDonalds playyard (but without the transfat) and a waterfall table where the kids use dikes to redirect the water. Their outside, SHADED playyard is over an acre in size. Most importantly, the teachers are all Montessori certified. In the classrooms, the students were working alone or in small groups with age-appropriate manipulatives. The classroom was organized and inviting. The school costs about $25 a week more than the others, but there is no comparison in the quality. It comes out to about $100 a month, or $1,000 for the school year. I think Jonathan is worth the thousand dollars. Today I dropped off his paperwork and registration fee. He asked me if I was going to let him stay. That's a great sign!!!!

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