Thursday, May 3, 2007

An Ode to Wee Hawks

Friday was "graduation day" at Wee Hawks, Jonathan's preschool. They had a cute celebration in the auditorium where "undergraduates" (those not going to kindergarten) got preschool awards and "graduates" (those going to kindergarten) wore caps and gowns and received diplomoas. Then they performed songs and fingerplays for the parents and grandparents. Everyone, that is, except for Jonathan. He had to be practically carried out to get his award, and then refused to participate in any of the songs. He started by folding his hands across his chest and frowning (see above) and then progressed to turning his back to the entire audience. What a proud moment. After the official ceremony, we went to the library, where each child received a superstar award. Some of them were "most social," "best singer," "biggest flirt," and "most likely to succeed." They went alphabetically, so we had to wait awhile for Jonathan's. We began speculating as to what he would get. Based on the graduation ceremony, we expected "most stubborn" or "best impersionation of spaghetti." We were delighted when he was given "most kind-hearted." To me, that was the best award given out the whole day!
We are blessed to have found the Wee Hawks program. Benjamin and Alexander also attended, both for two years. Wee Hawks is held on Spruce Creek High School campus (the Hawks), and is taught by juniors and seniors who have gone through the child development courses. It is everything I could want in a preschool. It meets Tues-Fri from 7:50 - 10:50 (to accomodate the high school schedule) and is very inexpensive ($24 a week!!!). Everyday they do crafts, have "free play," play outside, eat a snack, and listen to stories. Within all these activites they are exposed to letters and counting. What they don't do is try to teach the kids to read. They let kids be kids and learn through play. And that's what preschools should be about.

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