Friday, May 25, 2007

Family Size

Don't believe anyone who says three children is easier than two, or two children are easier than one. Last night Benjamin slept over at a friend's, while Alexander slept at Grandma and Grandpa's. We were left with just Jonathan. Sitting at dinner, with only one child to feed and watch, we realized that we never appreciated how easy it was with just one child. We love our family the way it is, but it's nice every once in awhile to sit back and relax with just one. Now I have to prepare myself for the chaos when both boys come home in an hour. And it's raining outside. It will be quite a day. When does school start again????


Anonymous said...

I knew it!

Everyone has been asking me when we are going to have another one. I can't imagine having two kids, especially because taking care of one is a lot of work. But people keep telling me that when you have two, it isn't that big of a deal. I think they are lying. Thank you for telling the truth.

I'm sure we will have another, but I'm enjoying one right now. And with three boys, it must be challenging but totally worth it.

Karen and Chris said...

You're right, they're lying. It's totally worth it, but it's also nice to know what you're getting into. Three is tough because we went from man-to-man defense to zone defense. Enjoy Owen for awhile, then you'll get to enjoy seeing him be a big brother, which is thrilling in itself.