Friday, May 4, 2007

Dance Recital

This past weekend was very busy. We had Wee Hawks graduation, Jonathan's birthday, and Benjamin and Alexander's dance recital. Yes, our boys both take dance. It all started three years ago when we evacuated for Hurricane Francis. We went to Atlanta with Anita, Chris, and their kids. Anita is a dance instructor, and she convinced Benjamin to try dance class. Turns out he loved it. This is his third year of taking tap, ballet, and jazz. Above is a picture is from his tap number. Notice his outfit - I made it! Alexander began dance this year. He takes only ballet because he loves the teacher "Miss Brooke." Here he is at the end of his number. We were very proud of the boys. A year ago, I would never have believed that Alexander would set foot on a stage with a few hundred people watching. Benjamin has improved immensely since last year. Anita says at the age of 9 they start to have awareness of their body movements and really start to progress. It was a great night, and fortunately both sets of grandparents could be there to enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! I'm sorry that Jonathon's birthday slipped up on me (again). Sounds like he had a great time. We hope to catch up with you all soon.

Susie & Joe