Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mile Club Awards

Today I was at the boys' school for the Mile Club awards. Every Tuesday after school, the mile club meets in the field behind the school. Members walk, run, or jog around a 1/4 mile course which winds through a nature trail, the PE field, and sidewalks. After each lap, they are given a popsicle stick to keep track of their laps. Throughout the year, they add up the miles. After 105 laps (26.2 miles) they receive a marathon shirt. Three of the kids logged over 100 miles!!!! Benjamin was the official member, but parents and siblings are welcome, so I brought Alexander and Jonathan every Tuesday and we all ran together. Alexander finished his "marathon" on the very last week. Jonathan didn't run laps. Instead he would sit at the picnic tables for awhile, then walk a little, then sit again. It was neat how the kids in the club adopted him. I never knew who he would be walking with, but there was always someone next to him encouraging him. Since they all participated, I took a picture with all the boys. Benjamin is holding his plaque, which was donated by a local doctor. With all the childhood obesity in our country, this is a great club! Let's get our kids moving at an early age in a positive way!

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