Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday we spent the day in München (Munich). It is a wonderful town that hopefully we can visit again. The downtown area has a large walking section, but you must watch out for bikes! They are everywhere!!! We had a morning bus tour that pointed out the major sites, then lunch in an outdoor market. We found brats, sandwiches, and delicious fresh fruit.

After a search for a place to change money (oops, forgot it was a Saturday), the bus took most everyone to the concentrations camp of Dachau. Chris accompanied them, while I took the three boys plus Madi (the other 10 year old) to the München zoo. It was fabulous. The Germans sure know how to do their playgrounds - there were two playgounds in the middle of the zoo and they spent a long time at them. Benjamin tells me the highlight of his trip so far was when a monkey ate out of his hand. With all of the things we´ve done, we were laughing that that has been his favorite.

We met up with everyone for dinner at a Biergarten. They were moved by the visit to Dachau, and were excited that they got to stop at the BMW place on the way back home. Last night I took Benjamin to a ballet - probably my highlight of the trip. It was absolutely amazing. I was tired when we got there but had no problem staying awake. Today it is on to Rothenberg and then Heidelberg.

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