Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jonathan's Graduation Day

It's 3:00, and time for the ceremony to begin. It was held outdoors, at the Port Orange Pavillion. It's a beautiful setting, except for one thing - it was HOT!! Luckily for the kids, they were sitting under the pavillion. The rest of us were sweltering in the heat, wishing we had been as smart as the 6 or 7 people who brought umbrellas for shade.
Here are all of the children who are in VPK (Florida's free preschool program) or Kindergarten. We were sitting fairly far back, hoping to catch more of a breeze.
The owners of the school, Mr. and Mrs. Scotty. They have owned Montessori of Port Orange for years! My friend's son, who just graduated high school, went there.
They asked Jonathan to be in a group that recited a poem. I had warned them that last year he refused to participate at all in the graduation ceremony. This year, he assured us that he would participate. And he did!!
After about 30 minutes, storm clouds began to form. This was quite a relief to all of us because it brought the temperature down a few degrees. Not to mention how much we need the rain. Unfortunately, no rain materialized.
All of the kids recited "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" The kids in front are wearing the various animals.
Look how well our new camera can zoom. All of these pictures were taken from the same place.

These are all of the VPK students, after they called each name and recognized each child.
Next they handed out "diplomas" to the graduating Kindergarteners.
It all ended with the kids dancing to "We are Family." Jonathan was rocking!

Our blue-eyed boy!

Jonathan with his proud brothers.
If you didn't get enough of these pictures, you can view all of them on snapfish by following this link. Included in the album are the 5 pictures from church, and all of the graduation pictures.

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