Monday, June 2, 2008

Ice Cream Deception

I love ice cream. My family loves ice cream. We had to make a rule that the boys are only allowed to eat it once a day. I'm a sucker for frozen yogurt, because it makes me feel like I'm eating something good for me, even though it is obvious it's filled with sugar and other not-so-healthy ingredients. We always have at least 3 kinds of ice cream open in the freezer, because of course the boys have to fight over what flavor to eat.

The other day, we had only two containers of ice cream left, and we were already at Target, so ventured over to the ice cream section. I had seen from the flyer that Breyer's was on sale. When I looked carefully, however, I realized that Breyer's ice cream now comes in 1.5 and 1.75 quart containers. Although the size of the container has been reduced, the regular price, of course, has been raised. I then checked Edy's, my personal favorite. They, too, have switched from half gallon to 1.5 and 1.75 quarts. At this point I am pissed. We bought one 1.75 container of Breyers, just to get us through the day. The next day I went to Publix. Luckily, their generic ice cream and frozen yogurt (which we all like) still comes in half gallon containers, I let everyone pick out their own flavor, and we came home with 2.5 gallons of ice cream.

I have since emailed both Breyers and Edys to inform them of my boycott. Along with shopping at Wal Mart, I refuse to buy any ice cream that is packaged in less than half-gallon containers. It's my own personal rebellion, and, although they won't notice it in their bottom line, it's a moral victory for me.

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