Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting ready!

We're getting ready for our trip. On June 12th (Jeff's birthday), we leave for Europe. We will be traveling with 24 high school students, 11 parents, plus the five of us. I can't wait! It's going to be the trip of a lifetime that hopefully the kids will never forget. Tonight we organized our passports, backpacks, and journals. Benjamin and Jonathan wrote their first entries, predicting what they will see in the next two months.

We are not taking our laptop with us, mostly for security reasons, so our blogging will be spotty. I just added a link on the right that connects to our different hotels. You'll notice there's a week and a half that is unaccounted for - that's when we'll be staying with our relatives in Bremen, Germany. They run a greenhouse business, and have a huge house and property, so hopefully we won't be too imposing. Inid and Matthias, who are hosting us, have two young children. Our plan is to lay low for that week and a half, doing "normal" things like going to the market or the playground. I won't be surprised if Jonathan returns speaking perfect German!

While we're gone, follow along on our trip with these links. We'll try to post whenever we have computer access, but we'll also be very busy and won't have much time to seek out computers. Believe me, once we return, we'll be posting like crazy, trying to share as many pictures as we can without bragging too much!

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