Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stonewood 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning the four oldest Weinrichs ran a 5K in Ormond, with Jonathan and Cassidy as our cheering section. All of us had very good times, but something very unusual happened... I (Karen) beat Chris!!!! It was a come from behind victory. We ran together for the first half, but he pulled away at the water break. I kept him in my sights, and as we rounded the last corner, I ran as fast as I could to catch up. And it worked! I beat him by 2 seconds, and recorded my personal best time of 27:31! I also came in fourth in my age group. The boys did well also; Benjamin ran about 31 minutes, and Alexander and his friend Lynnlee came in at a respectable 36 minutes. To top it all off, both Chris and I won gift certificates. Mine was for Stonewoods Restaurant, and his was for a shoe store. What a productive morning!

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