Thursday, December 27, 2007

A few more Christmas pictures

Here are a few more pictures from Christmas Day. Alexander received a remote control "Herbie," which produced some fun and lots of arguing over who would drive it. Today, however, the novelty has worn off and they're having lots of fun playing with it and are, surprisingly, taking turns without much prompting. This morning they were outside, running it down the sidewalk.

As you can see, Jonathan was thrilled by all of his "Cars" paraphernalia. He's having a great time playing with them, and it's kept him rather busy.

Yesterday Benjamin had a birthday party at a bowling alley in Ormond, about 30 minutes away. Mom and Dad took Alexander and Jonathan along with them to drop off Jeff at the airport, then took them out to dinner at Perkins, their favorite restaurant. The report is they ate and ate and ate. Chris and I got the better end of the deal - we DROPPED OFF Benjamin and went out to dinner, just the two of us, at Stonewood's. I had won a gift certificate at the 5K race, plus we had free appetizer coupons. Our bill came to $3.17! We gave the waiter a generous tip and still only spent $15 on a great meal!

Today Mom and Dad took the boys to spend their Barnes and Noble gift certificates (thanks, Craig and Liz!) while we met some friends at the theater to see Sweeney Todd. It was our first movie in a theater since this summer, I believe. The movie was so-so. Johnny Depp was great, but I can sing as well as Helena Bonham Carter. They left out two of our favorite songs from the musical. But I'm really not complaining, as we were there without kids in the company of other adults. It really wouldn't have mattered what we watched.

Tommorow we're all off to St. Augustine for the day. I'm hoping to come home with some great pictures. It's going to be a gorgeous day. Despite the one-hour distance, our kids have not yet had the chance to visit. I'm really looking forward to it, except for riding in the back of the van between Benjamin and Alexander. That will probably be the most challenging part of the day.

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