Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, Alexander!

Alexander's 8th birthday is on Tuesday. It's hard having a December birthday, so this year I did something different - I put the tree up last week but decorated it for his birthday, not for Christmas. After his birthday, we'll put up the Christmas ornaments. I hung pictures of him all over the tree. Alexander loves it, but Benjamin is complaining "It's not fair" since he's never had his own tree!


Craig Weinrich said...

So maybe Benjamin can have an epiphany tree...or just maybe an epiphany that "life isn't fair", as Herr Sackhoff would say. Or tell him how Uncle Ronny celebrates his birthday on the same day as Christmas.

Craig Weinrich said...

Aunt Liz is in the same situation as Alexander, but Karen and Chris are in the same situation as Benjamin, so I know you can all relate.