Friday, December 7, 2007

Jonathan stories

Here are some pictures of Jonathan doing one of his daily chores. The older boys empty the dishwasher every morning before school, and Jonathan is responsible for putting away the silverware. Notice the line of race cars watching him as he puts them away. I asked if the cars were helping him and he replied, "No, they don't like putting silverware away."

An update on our adventure with gum:

  • Day one: Chewed gum after supper, then made a big deal of showing us as he spit it in the waste can.

  • Day two: Pulled out the waste can in the morning to show me AGAIN where he spit his gum. No, we didn't empty it that night. After snack, chews gum and accidentally swallows it.

  • Day three: Chewing gum after snack while playing outside. Comes inside, distraught that the gum dropped out of his mouth somewhere in the backyard. Searches for it but can't find it.

  • Day four: Finds yesterday's gum outside, brings it in, shows it to me, then throws it away.

  • Day five: Today. Who knows what will happen!

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