Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trip Reflections

I know I have not updated the blog in awhile, but we are now back home, and I have a few reflections on our trip. We were gone for almost exactly 6 weeks. We began the summer with Chris flying to Cincinnati for AP Reading. When he returned, we drove to Wisconsin Dells via Indianapolis, then back to Allentown via Springfield. 2 days later, Chris and I flew to London for a 2 week trip while the boys spent a week at Bear Creek. 4 days after that trip, I flew to Spokane, Washington, for the Triennial Convention of the Women of the ELCA. After a week to chill in Allentown, we headed for home. Here are some of our summer stats:

  • Number of states visited: 16 (Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Washington, Colorado)

  • Number of countries visited: 3 (USA, England, Norway)

  • Number of Facebook friends visited: 22

  • Number of Facebook friends we missed because time ran out: Too many to count!

  • Weddings: 1 (Tom and Michelle Kurtz)

  • Waterparks: 7 (All in the same complex, while in Wisconsin Dells for the wedding)

  • Airports visitied: 7 (Philly, Newark, Heathrow, O'Hare, Spokane, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Daytona Beach)

  • Airlines traveled: 6 (Delta, United, American, British Air, Air Alaska, Frontier)

  • Hours spent in the Denver airport: 7

  • Airlines I was booked on out of Denver: 3 (Frontier, Continential, American. I ended up flying American, arriving in Newark at 1AM.)

  • Miles driven on our car: 4,196 (NO KIDDING!)

  • Movies we saw that were new to us: 7 (Harry Potter 7 1/2, Killing Bono, The King's Speech, The Social Network, Bridesmaids, Red, Unknown)

  • Colleges visited: 2 (Wittenberg, Gonzaga)

We leave again in a few days for a wedding in Chicago (via Cincinnati.) Then when we return it will be time to start school sooner than we think. What a wonderful, crazy summer!

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GJ (George) said...

Sounds awesome!