Friday, July 8, 2011


Beachfront apartments in Dover.

More beachfront

This is the port where you can take a ferry to France.

Our room was the tiniest room we've ever stayed in. In fairness to the hotel, it was described as a "small room" when we booked it.

Only one person in the bathroom at a time - you could barely turn around!

We really enjoyed the Dover Museum. They had great exhibits, including a stone-age boat that was discovered when they were doing street work. But what we liked the most was this small exhibit on the 80's! Quite a flashback!

At 12:30, we checked in to the Ocean Princess and found our room This is the view from our balcony room (we were upgraded from an interior cabin - yea!) Cliffs in the background. Again, it was a bit overcast.

This police boat guided us all the way out of the harbor.

After guiding us out, one of the officials had to climb down a ladder from our boat and get into the police boat. It was quite a sight to watch in the waves!

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