Friday, July 8, 2011

Dover, England - Day 1

Day one! We landed in London on time, around 630 AM. We had a good flight, but were unable to sleep much. We did watch Harry Potter 7 part 1 on the way so we are ready for the next episode.

We took a train to Dover. It took about 2 hours, and I slept through most of it. When we arrived, we dragged our luggage through the town and found our B & B. It was only 11AM, so we dropped it off and set out to explore the town.

Our Bed and Breakfast - The Hubert House.

We decided to hike, not ride to the Dover Castle. It was probably the steepest climb we've done! As we got closer, we saw these flowers around the outer fence.

We were able to go into the church on the left, but not allowed to take pictures.

The main castle. Henry II had the castle built. From the top tower, you can see France - 21 miles away!
Chris was a bit too tall for this door, wasn't he?

The gate leading into the castle. There was quite a moat surrounding the castle. You can understand why the castle was built here.
The Roman lighthouse. This was the oldest part of the castle, built by the Romans in 1st century (ish).
The famous white cliffs of Dover. It was a slightly overcast day, so they weren't as impressive as I expected. When we returned a week later, they looked much better.

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