Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 7th birthday, Jonathan!!

Well, the much-anticipated day was finally here. The night before, Jonathan informed us that we could leave the presents waiting for him on the dining room table. He woke up bright and early, with crazy hair, ready to celebrate his 7th birthday.
He has been complaining that his bunk bed is uncomfortable, so we got him a mattress topper, plus one of "They Might Be Giants'" kid CD's. We've heard it non-stop ever since.

One of his favorite presents is this lego. It can be made into 3 different vehicles. So far, he has made it, taken it apart, and remade it at least 6 times!

Here's his birthday cake - right up his alley with a vehicle and roads.

We had a nice party for him on Sunday. Friends and neighbors stopped by to celebrate.

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